Monday, 10 October 2011

Clean and Clear Morning Energy Skin Brightening Facial Wash

I don't tend to stick to one particular facial wash, I do like to try different ones as this is also good for your skin so I doesn't get used to one product. I've not tried Clean and Clear before but I had heard good reviews and feedback that it was great for getting lovely clear skin, hence the name. As I ran out of facial wash, I thought I'd give it a try as it was also on offer in Superdrug at £2.99, as I am saving the pennies!
                                                    Clean&Clear Morning Energy Daily Face Wash 150ml

Clean and Clear Morning Energy Skin Brightening Facial  is a gentle foaming foaming facial wash which has lemon and papaya extracts which wakes up tired and dull looking skin. Since I have been using this my skin has been a lot clearer and brighter which is amazing. My pores are a lot less visible and my blackheads have almost disappeared. This face wash has a lovely refreshing citrus fragrance which is great for first thing in the morning as it really wakes me up! It is very gentle on the skin whilst being very refreshing which is very important to me as I do have quite sensitive skin. The product is slightly metallic and shimmery which is one of the reasons I was attracted to this particular face wash and has little bursting beads inside...

The bottle also has a pump which makes it a lot easier to use as it means you don't pour put more than you want and waste it! It is also oil-free which is a huge bonus as I do suffer with slightly oily skin so I don't won't to be putting more oil on my skin if I don't need to.

Over all this product has a huge thumbs up from me, I will definitely be buying this again!

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