Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The girl with the polka dot nails...

These are my mum's nails that I painted a little while ago, I was quite proud of them! :) I think they look very cute!!

I love bring creative with my nail painting!
If you would like to recreate these very easy and simple nails you will need...
(you can use whatever colours you want!)

  • Base coat
  • Red nail polish
  • White nail-art pen/white nail polish and orange stick
  • Flower nail decorations
  • Top coat
  1. First apply a base coat to your nails to prevent staining and help the nail polish to last
  2. Next apply a red nail polish, I used Creative Nail Polish- Moroccan Ruby
  3. Then apply a second coat
  4. Next using a white nail art pen, Star Nails Nail Art Pen- White or orange stick dipped in a white nail polish dot the polish evenly on each nail to create polka dots, it's best to do this once you base colour is dry to prevent it running.
  5. To finish the look I applied some pretty flower decorations to the big toes! :)
  6. Finally add a topcoat to make them last.
Then get out those sandals!! (Before it's too late!)

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