Monday, 15 August 2011

I Love...Secret Fantasy EDT spray from Avon

I thought I'd let you know about my new perfume that I recently purchased from Avon. I am an Avon representative and really enjoy buying products from the brochures myself!! I am addicted...Which could be why I don't come out with so much money... However, I am a huge fan of the products and love to try then out so I can recommend them to my friends and family.

A few weeks ago I ran out of my usual perfume Ghost Sweetheart and as much as I love it, I was a bit short of money so thought I would try a new, cheaper one. Although I couldn't smell it this perfume, I was tempted by the price in my 'Hello Tommorow' representative brochure, at £4.60!! (bargain!) and also the great reviews from customers and representatives... This perfume, in a usual brochure would cost £11!

This has the most gorgeous fruity smell, perfect for summer (or what we have of it...!) I think it is more suitable for teenagers, young adults, in there 20's, as it has quite a young scent. It also has a really cute key charm that acts as a lock/lid so that you can stop your perfume from spraying itself in your bag!

I will definitely but this perfume again and it puts be is a happy mood as soon as I spray it and it is really uplifting :) Must-buy!

Secret Fantasy EDT Spray

But don't worry if you don't have a representative as you can buy this online at

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